Chateau de St Julien L’ars, Poitiers, France

France, Photography, Chateaux, Workshop

Franc, Photography, Landscape, Workshop

Currently at a ‘a lovely workshop’ with the amazing Elizabeth Messina in Poitiers, France….inspiration everywhere……will post more (much more) soon x

9 Responses to “Chateau de St Julien L’ars, Poitiers, France”

  1. Penny says:

    I am so envious, its cold and wet and, well, quite frankly boring here. Can’t wait to catch up on your return. Enjoy :)

  2. What a tease!!! Dying to see more on your return!

  3. Victoria says:

    oh la la ..More more more.. love the green. how is the food?

  4. Dion Howard says:

    Paris in the the springtime!?

  5. Thomas says:

    Yayyy! How beautiful. Hey, I was wondering – did you time your holiday right to fly into the Volcano eruptions on the way over, and through Bangkok on the way back ;) ? Hope you’re having a smashing time en France.

  6. That’s just too beautiful, so jealous! Especially as it’s freezing in NZ right now

  7. elizabeth says:

    j’adore…you & your beautiful photographs…xoxo

  8. Sigh. I am so incredibly envious. What a wonderful way to recharge yourself after a wedding season. And looks like you were in great company, from a quick flick through the websites of the others at the workshop!

  9. Jyllian says:

    Kate…these are so delicate and pretty!

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