More Road Trip

sand tobogganing and pohutakawa

polaroid iphone app

nz native flore

kauri forest

rain water lake

New Years Day…sand tobogganing at Ninety Mile Beach. Could have been disastrous on a mighty hangover but it wasn’t. It was so excellent it could possibly have contributed to end of hangover…I highly recommend it.

Hangover optional.

And the magical four sisters kauri trees, close to Tane Mahuta, the largest Kauri in NZ. It’s massive…too massive to fit in an iPhone lens in fact.


3 Responses to “More Road Trip”

  1. Mark says:

    nice work!

  2. victoria v says:

    Awesome. Happy Holidays K-Dog x

  3. Pamela says:

    EEEEP so beautiful, now I reeeeally miss NZ. And I reeeeally want an iphone :P

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