My beautiful sister

Anna Jakes

This is my sister, Anna.

Or Spanny. Or Anzie. Or Annabanana. Or Spanz. Actually pretty much anything goes and she’s cool with it.

She’s one of those girls you just wanna hang out with. Not in that ‘throw your knickers in the air and dance on the tabletops’ kind of way…but more in that quietly take the piss out of yourself (and life) kind of way.

I feel pretty lucky to have her as my sister. And best friend.

Her and her equally cool husband Dan, have set up a Sanctuary in Christchurch where they teach yoga, give acupuncture and generally just spread the love. They had a wee daughter about a year ago, Ruby (Rhubarb). Also cool.

Spanzie, I miss you!



5 Responses to “Spanny”

  1. Beautiful Kate. I love sisters xx

  2. angelica says:

    I’m sure the second one is more her, but the b/w is an awesome portrait. have 2 sisters and a bro myself. life just wouldn’t have been the same without them

  3. Maree says:

    Beautiful post Kate, love love to the sisters!I love the privacy of the portrait behind the leaves. x

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