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Emma & Guyon : Married @ The Penguin Cafe

Jane Yeh Dress

Guyon Espiner

Wedding at The Penguin Cafe

Golden bay Wedding

Emma Espiner's Dad

Emma Wehipeihana and Guyon Espiner got married.

At The Penguin Cafe in Pohara, Golden Bay. It was brilliant.

My words won’t do it justice so hopefully you can get the gist from the visuals….colour and summer and yeah…thanks for having me along to tell the story…loved it.


Golden Bay Goodness

Car in Golden Bay

I have neglected this little blog of late…life has been full. But I will post more from this wonderful day in Golden Bay very soon.

Like tomorrow. Or the next day. Or the next day. Or tomorrow.

Guyon & Emma

Guyon Espiner and Emma Wehipeihana

This was a very cool wedding. For many reasons.

I think the main one was the attitude these guys had. They were what I would call Totally. Easy. Going.

Even when things didn’t always go to plan. I’m pretty sure that when you treat your day like that, then it has potential to turn out even better than you could have imagined.

Plus they gave me freedom to photograph things as I saw them unfold. No long lists. I love it when people trust me enough to let me shoot this way.

And that dress with the back? That extraordinary dress was made by Jane Yeh. 

Thanks so much for having me along Guyon & Emma, completely loved it.